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They're participants, they're driving this space, and the research also shows that the kids who are most at risk online ...

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But I don't think what got adequately publicized was not all of these are hardened Internet predators who are making the solicitations.Through fiscal year 2007, we've opened 20,200 and arrested almost 10,000 subjects for sexually exploiting children online.So it's a crime problem that has grown exponentially over the years and continues to grow every year. [What do you say to people who say the country is experiencing a "predator panic," that we're perceiving a much bigger problem than the statistics would demonstrate? Whether it's one in five children solicited online, whether it's one in seven, what price do you put on that one child that is victimized?And so this is very different from the impression that you might get from the images in the media about this problem. I don't think it also conveyed the fact that most kids are really handling these solicitations quite responsibly and not responding, and that they're not all that affected by them, either; that they regard them as litter on their information superhighway and just kind of blow them off.When I talk these days, I like to emphasize the statistic of one in 20 of youth encountering what we call an "aggressive sexual solicitation" -- that is, one that really threatened to go offline, where somebody made an effort to contact them or meet them -- and those seem to me to be the more serious of the group.These children have not developed a mental capacity to match wits with a 40-year-old adult who's been doing this for the last 15 years, targeting children online. I had no idea that my child was a member of this social networking site or had this screen name or had this profile." They just don't know. We interview teenage victims; we interview teenage non-victims.