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You might not be able to surface information like criminal records, but from their social media profiles, Linked In page, and other information you find, you should be able to get a sense of whether what they are telling you comports with the facts. For example, if a person you met online claims to run a business abroad, call the US Embassy to confirm that that business exists.

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"George Eads will not appear in several episodes during the first half of the season. The actor signed on to return as a regular, along with the rest of the cast, when CBS renewed the series in March.His absence, sources say, is not considered an attempt to renegotiate his contract."It's astounding - it's one of the highest fan compliments the show could ever receive.We were floating on air about it for several weeks and it's always a surprise.That will be a story for Sara in season 13 - what it's like to have a long-distance relationship and how she's weathering all that."Last year, was named the most watched show in the world for the fifth time.How does it feel knowing that the show remains a global phenomenon 13 seasons in?She, as a start, landed parts in minor films and TV series.

Jorja Fox underwent a career as a fashion model as a teenager before then switching to acting.I can't believe I've had the same job this long - as an actor, I didn't even know that was possible."The fact that I continue to be excited to go to work every day and I absolutely adore the people I'm working with…and unfortunately in the United States there's no shortage of crimes to tell stories about!Eads -- and co-star Jorja Fox -- were both briefly fired from in 2004 after a short-lived salary standoff with the network and studio.PHOTOS: Broadcast TV's Returning Shows 2013-14 Instead, Eads was unhappy with the creative direction of his character, sources tell returns on Sept. UPDATED: A spokesman for Eads on Thursday confirms that the actor will miss "several episodes" of season 14 as a result of "behind-closed-doors disagreement with a CSI showrunner." The rep denies 's report that Eads had an altercation or conversation with a pregnant writer on the series and issued the following statement: "George will definitely be returning to the show and looks forward to participating once again in something he has passionately been a part of for 14 years."I think it's the biggest departure for the show this season - we're doing something we've never done before, in that virtually every episode so far has had a very profound personal storyline for at least one character on the show."It's something that we've tended to avoid often in the past - we'd maybe do this kind of stuff every ten episodes, or once a season - but we're getting to the core and the heart of the matter with season 13, so I hope everybody enjoys it."Episode seven 'Fallen Angels' also contains nods to the past and to the character of Warrick Brown - what can you reveal about that?