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Good Bones"We had a little split-level, and we'd gotten bored with it," says Amy's mother, art gallery owner Frances Aronson.

"One builder who has done beautiful homes told me, 'This is the kind of house we bury.' Well, I liked some things about my home, and I didn't want to just bury it!

After practicing architecture for nine years in Manhattan, focusing on commercial work and public housing, Amy came home to Atlanta to renovate her mother's ranch-style house and contemplate the next step in her career. "I liked redesigning my mom's house, and I thought, 'I'm on to something with these ranch-style houses, so I think I'll just stay,' " she says.

Nearly 10 years later, examples of Amy's thoughtful reinventions dot the rolling hills of Valley Brook, Garden Hills, and Buckhead, where her reputation continues to grow by word of mouth from one happy homeowner to the next.

"I had seen some of my friends' projects where the architect and the contractor sometimes pointed fingers at each other, saying, 'You designed it wrong,' and 'No, you just can't build what I designed,' " says Jaime.

"If you take 15% of the cost of your house and put it into renovation, whether it's just redoing your basement or improving the shell of the house, you're looking at 60% to 75% return on your dollars.

The backseat of Amy's car, splashed with milk stains by the couple's 2-year-old son, Austin, reveals her working-mother status.

"Many of our clients have children and like children, so I've taken Austin to lots of meetings," says Amy, who graduated with a degree in architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1982. They're all trying to get more space for their growing families. I like contributing to the creation of a nice home where kids will grow up." Living With Change Jaime and Jim Davenport and their two children, who were ages 5 and 8 when their home was renovated, opted to live in the basement while Amy and Warren worked on the house.

People are pulling some of their money out of the stock market and looking for another direction to go with it.

Right now, there's no better choice than home improvements." Renovating proves particularly wise for Atlantans who want more living space but not a longer commute, Amy says.