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That’s why I always recommend that all men and women date outside their race so they can stop blaming problems with the gender on race. Well, that’s one reason why I date the “other” chicks that have those sweatshirts that say, Phillips Exeter, but that’s neither here nor there.

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COLEMAN: The balance when you’re catching people up, and the craft of what we do as actors, is to try to make sure that the exposition sounds like thought and dialogue, and a plan or a problem or something that is motivationally induced, rather than just telling the audience information. There’s a lot of information that they have to pass on, and I’ve always been responsible for disseminating information to the audience, as well as the other characters.

The challenge there is just to make sure that it’s based in some kind of an emotion and motivation, and you’re not just giving people information.

Noah is a little older, a little wiser, and he’s definitely on the side of the EVOs, as we now call them, which we didn’t in the first series. Noah Bennet is the eyes and ears of the audience this time, catching everyone up on what’s happened in the past while discovering what’s going on in the present.

What’s that been like to play, finding that balance while making sure it’s not too heavy on one side or the other?

"After a hit show is over, you soon realize this is a very tough business ...

is about what happens when a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas leaves the city decimated and those with extraordinary abilities, known as EVOs, are blamed for the event, leading them to go into hiding or on the run.

Jack has appeared with Paul Perri in Kingdom Hospital and with Matthew John Armstrong in Studio City.

Nobody was expecting it, and nobody had any idea that there was a plan in the works to do it.

It was all very cagey and hush-hush, and then, all of a sudden, there was an ad.

Jack Coleman is an accomplished actor, appearing in television, movies and Broadway as an actor and producer.

Coleman's first major role was in the daytime soap opera Days of our Lives in 1981, however he gained notoriety in the role of "Steven Carrington", one of prime-time television's first openly gay characters, on the popular series Dynasty.