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But hey, I'm not complaining, especially not since I'm always nagging that they don't make any more horror movies like they used to in the eighties.

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While Mail Chimp found 3.4% disappointing, others felt very differently, noting that achieving 3.4% within a single month was pretty good going.On the other hand, Easytobook, a B2C company, had 1.5 million monthly unique visitors but low engagement.We know that older users, in particular, are more cautious about the information they share and are less likely to opt to use social sign-on.Take a look at the chart below: Some companies have found that while social login dramatically reduced the number of failed login attempts and password reset requests, take up wasn’t as high as expected.Whether you’re looking for the love of your life, a casual date, or even just a one-night stand, the following dating apps are totally free to download.Read on to see which free dating apps made our list.According to research compiled by Web Hosting Buzz, requiring users to enter email addresses, names and other data – and remember yet another set of usernames and passwords – puts them off and you might actually be driving them to other sites that don’t insist on traditional registration alone. Screen shot from: Sport Chek Sport Chek’s data fields are far from atypical but users are increasingly disenchanted with these time-consuming forms.In fact, 54% of users said they may actually leave a website and go to another rather than complete an individual registration form, according to a 2012 survey conducted by Blue Research.

Be warned, however, that social login might not be an ideal choice for all businesses.The number of visitors directly correlates to revenue – whatever business you are in.Whether you make money through sales or ads, you ALWAYS need more user engagement on your website.It seems that B2C companies might benefit far more from social login than B2Bbut even that seems to depend on a company’s expectations.I’d still say that with so many users stating social login is their preference, giving them the choice to either complete a registration form or use their existing social account IDs is far more likely to result in enhanced user engagement.Of course, I’m a total social login fan, but at least offering your users a choice between filling out a registration form and signing up using their social account IDs seems like straightforward business sense.