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Human nature and reason tend to conflict in such situations, as owners hang on for dear life in the face of clearest evidence and lottery-like odds.Almost always the tantalizing possibility of being saved is out there in the form of a big bid, a potential buyer, or some hoped-for event.The assets of a running business include its clients and their purchases.Machinery, equipment, shelving, and communications systems arranged complexly for a purpose are more valuable as a group than taken individually.Some liquidators have added Internet outlets to their marketing and therefore a photographer may be taking digital shots of selected items as part of inventory.

Thus an owner selling his or her business for cash as a going concern is technically liquidating it—but in usual parlance the term is applied only to a situation where a business is closed and all of its assets are sold.Once a decision to liquidate has been reached, the business needs to be closed, employees discharged, and company assets must be secured and inventoried.In larger operations, the owner will require help in managing the liquidation.If an experienced firm has been engaged, it will be low-balling the assets but accurately valuing them in the current market.Alongside appraisers are liquidators specializing in selling inventory and equipment; a variety of selling techniques are used, including auctions. For example, all the inventory may be moved to an empty warehouse and laid out for a sale that might extend over several days.The assets of a business may fetch as little as 20 cents on the dollar, possibly even less, all depending on the nature of the business and its inventory.