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I think from all I have read that after the death of a spouse it is wise to wait for at least a year to make any decisions.You are really vulnerable right after losing your mate and your decisions are naturally a little shaky to say the least.She also still celebrates all these occasions with in laws.I have asked her and she says that after 17 years of marriage that they became her family also.This is the result Your mother may have been your best friend but she never had a best friend in you from your answer.

well I think if you really love somebody out of respect for that person you should talke things slow get your mind together things taken care of. It bothers me that he still celebrates holidays, birthdays etc with his in-laws.

You are a disrespectful, spoiled BRAT for feeling like you have the right to intervene in her PERSONAL life.

What gives you the right to decide the appropriate way for her to act?

I would say that if there are young kids involved, maybe you should try and give them time to see how they feel about it.

Give them time to come to the realization that mom or dad needs someone. If words fly around town about how people feel to your decision, let it go, smile and live your life.