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1 player in the final on all three occasions, reaching the final of the 2017 French Open, winning an ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title at the Monte-Carlo Masters in 2014, and reaching three other finals at 2008 Rome, 2013 Madrid and 2017 Indian Wells.

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Reformists and nonbelieving women nominally of Muslim background often live with threats of violence and even death, and frequently find themselves ostracized.

The brave, Somali-born atheist and public intellectual is only the most famous example (she has needed armed guards ever since, more than a decade ago, when she began speaking out against Islam), but others, including the Canadian blogger and illustrator who goes by the name of (@Nice Mangos) are also at risk.

This turned out to be something less than the sparkling gala moment for hijabis it was initially touted as.

Muhammad’s mother herself that “I wanted to find a sport where I could be fully covered and I didn’t have to look different” (given that a protective mask would hide her face anyway).

Eiynah has to hide her true identity for obvious security reasons — a fact that should give the hijab’s cheerleaders pause, to say the least.

Again, we are talking about residents of North America, not North Africa. The highest-profile “first-hijabi” was, no doubt, the fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, who competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics on the American team.

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It is, in fact, part and parcel of the regressive left’s insidious attempt at brainwashing well-meaning liberals into lauding what should be, in our increasingly diverse societies, at best a neutral fact: freedom of speech means freedom of religion. Some Muslim women wear hijabs and are the first to do so in various endeavors. Our fellows, of course, are free to base their lives on ancient claptrap ideologies entailing uncritical acceptance of absurdities (talking snakes, virgin births, flying horses, and so on), but they should not expect the rest of us to ignore or let pass without comment the intrusion of said claptrap into the public arena.They may well hold that they are promoting the right of a mostly nonwhite minority to dress as they please and follow the faith of their choosing, but in fact they are traducing freethinking women in this same minority — and, what’s worse, with the implicit backing of thugs, acid-throwers, and assassins.Their campaign reeks of betrayal of the most craven kind — inadvertent though it may be.The twenty-two-year-old rebellion as a form of honestly [sic] . It would hardly be so “renegade” in, say, ISIS-held territory in Libya — the homeland of Tagouri’s parents. A tweet reproduced shows a video of Aden, thus attired, swinging her hips – modestly?recounted the story of Colorado-born beauty-blogger Nura Afia, a twenty-four-year-old hijabi who is “one of the new faces of Cover Girl.” The author at least adumbrates the checkered reality surrounding the “choice” to wear the hijab in Muslim countries. – as “contestant number one” on the catwalk in the swimsuit competition.To the shaming of non-hijabi Muslim women across the land?